2014 December 8th in Lyons

Post including shortcode by xili-postinpost

This post in english includes a shortcode with posts (post_type named “event”) :

No February 29th

In 2015, there was no February 29th because the year is not a leap year:-(

New Year

The first day of 2015. A thursday January the first ! Happy new Year !


The day of Santa Klaus ! On Thursday December 25 !

Shorcode is: [xilipostinpost query='post_type=event' showposts=3 lang='cur']

And now the same list but with events like Molière speaking :

Pas de 29 février !

En 2015, il n’y a pas de 29 février car l’année n’est pas bissextile 🙁

Nouvel AN

Le premier jour de l’année 2015. C’est la nouvelle année ce jeudi 1er Janvier, Bonne année !

Le code : [xilipostinpost query='post_type=event&lang=fr_fr' showposts=2]

Note that only if the target language is known, the slug is inside query, otherwise it is a param of the shortcode !
Shortcode is from plugin “xili-postinpost” !

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